We Sell: Fruit Tree Fertilizer
50 lbs. 8-3-9: $35

Planting Instructions

  • Dig a hole exactly the size of the container.
  • Do NOT add anything to the planting hole, e.g. potting soil, fertilizer, manure. The fertilizer and/or manure can burn the new roots and damage the tree.
  • Place tree without the container in the hole, with the base of the trunk 1-2" above the ground for a 3-7gal and 3-4" for 15gal+. The potting soil that the tree came in will break down and the tree will sink below the soil line if it is planted level with the ground.
  • Mound dirt around the tree with the soil dug out being careful to keep the crown of the trunk exposed because soil touching the trunk may cause fungal problems.
  • Wait a month before fertilizing then continue to fertilize monthly as per the fertilization instructions below.
  • Water every day for the first month, then 6 days per week for the second month until you’re eventually down to three days a week unless it’s over 80 degrees and/or very windy in which case you will still need to water every day.
  • Sprinklers alone will NOT be enough, as they are meant for grass and water only 1-2" deep.
  • If the tree looks dry then sprinklers are NOT enough and additional watering is needed!
  • *If you do NOT intend to plant your tree in the ground immediately, please make sure to water it daily.*
  • We recommend you fertilize every month with our specially blended 8-3-9 fertilizer with our micronutrients package available in 50 lb. bags at the nursery for $35. Fertilizing monthly provides a constant nutrient supply to the tree promoting better growth.
  • Use ½ lb. per 1" of trunk diameter (1 cup = ½ lb.) spread outside the tree's drip line but never ever next to the trunk!!!
  • Citrus trees should be fertilized with an 18-5-10 fertilizer like GrowScripts Trivium that can be purchased online at Lowes.com and delivered to your local store (Item #1338550).

Recommended Sprays
Apply Sprays as per Directions on Label

* All sprays are available from either Home Depot, Lowes or on the Internet. *

  • Copper Fungicide - For fungus and bacterial problems we suggest spraying citrus monthly and spraying mangoes just before the bloom opens for a better fruit set.
  • Sevin (liquid) - For eating, biting, chewing insects
  • Sulfur - Powdery and downy mildew control
  • Systemic Drench (with ONLY the active ingredient Imidacloprid) – for Leaf Miners, Mites, and other pests (it can be purchased at Lowes Item #130097)